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Peugeot 5008 GT – you had me from the moment I sat in your driver’s seat.


Posted: 10:01am Friday 06 Apr, 2018 | By Max Christoffersen | Bay Driver

I was yours from the first eye-to-eye contact with your tilted cockpit LCD screen.

You could do no wrong from the moment I saw your beautiful stitched leather seats. When I felt your exquisite, small-sized steering wheel once again, I knew this was set to be a special relationship.

When I saw your tactile button controls under your tilted screen for climate control, radio and navigation, I knew it would be love for life.

You’re not a bad looker either, dear Peugeot 5008. And you drive so wonderfully!

Forgive the editorial gushing, but when Peugeot get things this right, there are some raw emotions that surface from car enthusiasts and daily drivers alike.

For this driver, and I imagine for many others, the Peugeot 5008 SUV GT is going to be a seductive and romantic SUV driving experience.

From their first time in the car, drivers will notice a beautifully sculptured interior, an easy to read i-Dash gauge-set that can be modified and adjusted to suit driver tastes and some other small nifty tricks, from the front passenger seat extender to the side window blinds, that all add up to a very special ride indeed.

Add in Peugeot’s contoured-shape steering wheel and you’ll be asking why all cars, SUVs and wagons don’t come like this as standard. The trick here is the driver’s sight line of the i-Dash is above the steering wheel. There are no ‘what speed am I doing because the steering wheel is in the way?’ moments.

Much of the driver comfort in the cabin comes before the engine is even ticked over. With the uninterrupted sight lines out the front windscreen, the sunroof open and lighting the cabin, the six-speaker audio system on and the LCD screen angled towards the driver, it’s time to drive.

Start the 2L HDI turbo diesel engine and then this French love story can  really begin.

Peugeot extras

The Peugeot’s tricks and extras include a hands-free tailgate open/close, window blinds for the second row of seats, electric sunroof, wireless phone dock charging, tray tables on the back seats (handy for little ones’ games or snacks), 3D satellite navigation, keyless access and start, dual-zone air conditioning, eight-way adjustable driver electric seat with massage function, LED daytime running lights and high beam assist. And still there is more!
Safety features include active lane departure warning, active blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, electric brakes with hill start assist and 360 degree camera front collision warning, all of which add up to a sense of drivers being in control of this great French SUV. In a seven-seater SUV, drivers may think parking is a problem. Think again. In one of the most remarkable demonstrations of parallel parking this driver has ever seen, the on-board eight-inch on-screen controls and prompts provide hands-off parallel parking in very tight spaces that manual parking would never achieve without risking dings and damage.

From the outside, the 5008 has some beautifully-shaped contours and lines that seemingly make it look like a standard SUV. But this is a seven-seater, and when inside and looking behind you, it is a big interior cabin with enough space for the kids, beach bits and pieces and a few golf club bags as well. There is a lot of space back there!

The Peugeot 5008 is the complete driver package with some extras to offer. 

It is one of those drives where sound engineering meets well-designed ergonomics head-on (featuring a great balance of tactile controls with LCD screen functions) and beautiful interior design and comfort.

On the road, the Peugeot 5008 GT even defies the laws of physics by being an SUV that looks big, but drives small and is very responsive. 

A perfect love story

Did I love my drive in the Peugeot 5008? Oh yes, sure did. 

There is a sense of everything being finely balanced – the engine pep is there, the ride is free of alarming SUV body roll or other nasties, and the ‘over the steering wheel’ driver sight lines add to a sense of being in control and safe.  

It all just feels right inside and out and on the road.

Given the size of the 5008 it feels surprisingly light in the hand and on the road. I suspect that over long drives this Peugeot SUV will get drivers to their destination still feeling fresh and with little sense of driver fatigue.

There is little wind or road noise and the comfort in the cabin will have drivers feeling in control, safe and very much in enjoyment mode as the Peugeot 5008 GT ride unfolds. Passengers can also relax and enjoy the comfort of the gorgeous interior.

So how to show off this French motoring love story? By having the Charlemagne Lodge at Te Puna provide the romantic backdrop.

As French love stories go, this one has a happy ending – take a Peugeot 5008 out for a date and you too may find you’re smitten from the start.



Peugeot 5008 GT

Engine: 2L HDI turbo diesel
Transmission: 6-Speed auto (with manual paddles)
Power: 133 (180) @3750rpm
Torque: 400nM @2000 rpm
Price: $59,990 (plus on road costs)


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